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Social Media

Our staff lives on social media daily for our brand and yours.  Our site activity automatically feeds to social media platforms and our staff posts frequently in forums, blogs, etc.  As part of your customized program our staff can post about your brand, run co-branded contests, etc.  We can also setup and manage your page and integrate it into your website for you.

Social Media sites have a high level of user participation and user-generated content.  They include the major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, social bookmarking sites such as, social news sites such as Digg and the hundreds of sites that fit in the social bookmarking/news category.  Other powerful sites include review sites, niche social networks, blogs and forums.

  • Populated by, our staff & fans (articles, photos, events, videos, likes, etc.)
  • Managed by our Social Media Expert
  • Over 1,300 Facebook Likes and Twitte rFollowers
  • Average Weekly Impressions: 23,961
Some of the social media sites, blogs, and forums that we use included but are not limited to the following:
–Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Newsvine



eMarketing & Promotions

New England Golf Monthly
Populated by our staff, and our editorial staff delivered directly to our subscribers each week.  Each e-newsletter provides our subscribers with exclusive content, giveaways, and features of their interest In the Spotlight.  Marketing opportunities include presenting sponsorship, left column banners, In the Spotlight positions and exclusive offers.  Dedicated blasts and participation in Special Campaigns such as the 18 Holes of Christmas are also available on a limited basis throughout the year.
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  • Weekly eNewsletter populated by our website users content and our editorial staff weekly.
  • Full statistics available for each client
  • Weekly sponsorship and banner placement available
  • Advertorials In the Spotlight available
  • Special Campaigns available on a limited basis throughout the year
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New England HomeLife
As with NEGM, New England HomeLife sends out regular eNewsletters that are also populated by our editorial staff.  Every week, New England HomeLife provides our audiences with the Top 10 Homes listing that features the hottest homes on the market.  These homes are featured in the eNewsletters as well as the latest blogs and content submissions about mortgage tips, real estate trends, our Top 10 Homes, and more.
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