How CTA’s Can Help Conversion Rates

If you’re a business, more than likely you have a website and even more important, let’s hope you have some CTA’s on your pages. There’s no such thing as a successful marketing campaign unless there is a successful CTA.

If you want to make money, get more conversions, more subscribers, ect. it will all come down to if you have CTA’s. The CTA is so important to the success of any online marketing initiative.

Here are some of the most common types of CTAs:

  • Buy buttons/“Add to cart”
  • Information-gathering forms
  • Subscription signups
  • “Read More”
  • “Try it Now”
  • Social media share buttons/widgets
  • Help — now a friendlier “Online Chat” in many cases

There are three main features to a CTA:

  1. Where it is (Placement).
  1. What it looks like (Design).
  1. What it says (Copy or Text).

Here are some tips to remember to apply to your website when you want to use CTA’s


  • Have multiple CTAs. The more CTA’s you have on a page, the better chance you have at getting conversions. However, the CTA’s should not compete with each other and should not confuse the user.
  • Put CTAs on every page. Every page gives users a new opportunity to do something. So why not add a CTA to every page? It won’t hurt anyone and it’s bound to catch their eye eventually.
  • Make CTAs prominent. Place your CTAs strategically, so that they receive maximum attention and visual focus.


Just as the placement of the CTA’s are important, so too is the design. If it’s not appealing to the user, they aren’t going to give it a second thought.

They need to be…

Recognizable. Don’t let your message get lost in a fog of creativity. People must recognize your CTA as something they are meant to click on.

Well-Defined. A CTA should be part of the page but set off from the main body of text. Use a stark outline or shadow and/or contrasting colors to provide a clear definition to your CTA.

Appealing. Your CTA’s look should draw people to it. Colors, image and typeface create appeal when used correctly together.

Once you learn the basics of how to use CTA’s you will be able to use it to improve your profit and conversion rates.