Differences Between WordPress vs Website Builders

WordPress and Website Builders are vastly different from each other. Depending on what type of website you’re trying to build and your skills using different platforms will decide which is best for you to use. Here are some tips describing the differences between the two and which one will be best to use for you.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is typically a drag and drop website builder that lets you build a website without any coding experience. It’s really simple and easy to use and they usually take you through it step-by-step so you can make your website quickly and easily.

Most of these builder websites are cheap to pay for and they have some beautiful designs. You can customize the webpages to your liking, including the design, layout, content and images. It will look like it was designed by a professional.

Some of the most popular DIY builders today include Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly, although there are dozens of different tools available.

What is WordPress?

WordPress has been around for quite a while, typically used for a blogging platform. However, many major companies are starting to use WordPress for their websites. You can purchase themes and your URLs directly through WordPress or you can purchase your domain from a separate hosting site such as Host Gator. With WordPress, you have A LOT more options for customization, however it takes a degree of knowledge of web design and CMS to really get the website to how you want it to look and for it to be professional.

When to Use a Builder

A builder is great for those who want to build a website quickly, easily and without much effort. I’ve found that it’s great for portfolios and personal blogs. It’s not really that great for a larger scale website or if you plan to sell products. WordPress has a steeper learning curve and it can take more time to get the hang of how to use it. Within only a few hours you can have a good looking website using a DIY builder. 

When to Use WordPress

WordPress is a content-oriented site builder. It’s best to use WordPress if you’re looking to build a large-scale business website. However, there are many people who like to use it as a regular personal blogging platform too. The great part of is that it comes with endless options for plugins. You can purchase themes directly from WordPress, but you can also look at sites such as ThemeForest or ThemeZilla for various theme options and designs. Once you import the theme, it usually imports it’s demo content. This way, you already have a structure to work with, making it easier for you to customize to your tastes.


Overall, if you are looking to build a large scale type of website with endless customization tools and more control over the design, this is the platform you should use.