Tips When Using Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live Can Help You Get More Followers

Social media is always changing and finding new ways for people to engage with one another, so it takes us a bit to integrate them into our social media marketing strategy. Facebook Live is about bringing fans face-to-face with hosts and/or guests that they are interested in. It’s all the buzz now and is even getting the attention of media companies. Celebrity Chefs are adopting Facebook Live and the popular morning television show Today recently launched a Facebook Live video booth that Facebook paid for in their green room.

Facebook Live enables you to stream your live video feed from your mobile device through the Facebook application. You can film you or use the away feature to film what you are viewing. This can be a great tool to use to boost your followers and audience along with the fact that you can show users you are up to date with the newest feature of the social media platform.


  1. Plan your Facebook Live stream in advance — tell your followers about the broadcast and encourage them to participate.
  2. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your live videos so that they are always notified when you are live and broadcasting.
  3. Plan a broadcast that is at least 5 minutes.Dead air, especially when it comes to live streaming, dampens the user experience. Plus, you have to give fans a chance to tune in.
  4. A good way to fill in the content for those 5 minutes is to use the comment section as a Q&A and respond to their questions live.
  5. Have a strong internet connection. Wi-Fi is suggested, but a 4G cellphone can also work as long as you have a strong connection. If you do lose your signal, the stream will pause until you are reconnecting and you can lose your audience.

Don’t worry if not many people tune in. When the broadcast is finished the video will post on your timeline and they can watch it later.

Try out Facebook Live a few times to determine if it will work for your company. The more that you use Facebook Live the better you will get at it and the more loyal your followers will be when it comes to tuning in.