Convert Your Social Content For All Platforms

Want to convert your social content so that it meets all needs for all types of platforms? Social content offers incredible opportunities to create a loyal online following and funnel traffic toward your business!

Here are some tips for converting your social content and getting more readership and viewers.

Go Native

Mistakes many businesses make is posting identical content across all social media platforms. This can be a turnoff to your readers or followers because each channel encompasses its own special format, culture and readership, creating a unique overall environment. LinkedIn group members are not necessarily Facebook followers and vice versa. You may be able to grab eyeballs with an arresting image by posting content to Facebook, while a more conservative approach may work better on LinkedIn. Instagram is all about photo optimization, whereas Twitter is all about the creativeness of your tweets, especially being limited to 140 characters, you have to make it sweet and concise. By optimizing your posts for the respective native environments, you maximize their chances of drawing traffic toward your website or landing page.

Post Compelling Links

Posting inbound and outbound links on your platform is important for keeping your readers interested. When you distribute an e-newsletter, or maintain an online news feed, you should make it your task to provide your readers with the widest possible range of fascinating and relevant information. You might be thinking that this content should come from your own website. That’s a good option, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just that resource. You can do both your business and your readership a great favor by linking to feature articles, breaking news, amazing images and other powerful messages originated by leading content providers. Don’t worry about your readers abandoning your channels for these other providers because once they realize that you’re showing them amazing content on a regular basis, they’ll want to keep tuning in to see what you’ve got for them next.

Call to Action

The only way to get successful conversion is to use call to action. You may be inspiring sufficient interest and curiosity to encourage return visits, but you’re doing nothing to increase your clientele. Once you’ve captured your readers’ attention, you have to seize the opportunity to tell them what you want them to do next. They aren’t going to read your mind or know what they should do without proper guidance. You do this by placing a call to action toward the conclusion of your social content article or other content. Ask your readers to explore your website for more information, check out your products and services, and/or share your valuable insights with their friends.