Advice for Public Relations



Public Relations is a great field to work in. Almost every business, product or person needs help being publicized. Here are some great general tips for any publicist or business that does their own PR to follow.


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Never send out a press release on a Friday
  3. Don’t burn any bridges
  4. Cover the questions of “who do I need to tell?” and “ who do I need to thank?”
  5. Have someone proofread your work.
  6. Take ownership of your work
  7. Be friendly when talking to clients.
  8. Tell your story and tell it fast.
  9. Listen to people and take notes.
  10. Read… a lot.
  11. Tell the truth well.
  12. Always know whom the audience your pitching to is.
  13. Don’t say anything you’d regret in print.
  14. Never let them see you sweat.
  15. Ask smart questions.