Benefits of Using WordPress Responsive Framework

Switching your existing static website to a responsive framework of WordPress can bring effective benefits for you. Whether it’s media queries, plugins or an array of themes to choose from – WordPress Responsive Sites makes it easy for you to create a stunning blog or business page without the headaches of using HTML or CSS. WordPress does it for you.

  1. WordPress Responsive Websites Work on Any Device, Any OS

About a decade ago, most people used their desktop or PC to open websites online. The most important thing was to make sure that the website would open with any browser. But today, almost everyone has a mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, or tablet) within reach 24/7. Every device comes with a different operating system and a number of screen sizes. WordPress Responsive Framework themes can open on any operating system and screen size and is very convenient to use.

You will rarely find a business owner who doesn’t understand the term “mobile-friendly.” Nowadays, every web design companies have the responsive feature highlighted bold and clear on their service package.

So, here are some key benefits as to why you should use a WordPress responsive site, rather than HTML:

  1. WordPress Plugins!!!!

The depth of the plugin functionality available on a WordPress Responsive framework is more robust than any other platform. With WordPress plugins, you can add with a few clicks photo galleries, maps, shopping carts, forums and sliders. WordPress has a searchable database (like an App store just for WordPress), where you can find loads of one-click installation plugins. If you want to add meta tags for your social media sites or track google analytics all you have to do is search it on the plugins page and you can find almost anything you might need for your site. It’s super easy to implement and it will save you loads of work.

  1. CMS

CMS is the core reason that WordPress has become so popular. If you know how to use and write in Microsoft Word, then you can use the WordPress “paste from Word tool” to post it on your website. WordPress is always updating and improving the CMS functions. WordPress has added threaded comments, custom post types, trash, revision histories and more. Again, it’s really convenient and easy to use. You don’t need to hire a web developer to make your site responsive – WordPress helps you with that along the way.

  1. Great For Blogging

This is an obvious one because WordPress began as a blogging tool and even today aligns itself more with blogging than site building. The blog features are overwhelmingly great and loved by Google as a source of great content. Add blog features to your WordPress responsive website and you will be attracting new visitors by involving them in your blog using tools such as widgets, great moderation tools and anti-spam solutions. Not only that, but if you properly use SEO and schema microdata, you’re going to find your articles on Google and get more subscribers that way too!

  1. Extensive WordPress Responsive Themes to Choose From

There are an array of themes available for a WordPress responsive website. Some are free and some have a one-time cost. You can also go through third-party websites such as Envato, or to take a look at other themes that might suit your interests, whether it’s blogging or portfolios you can find everything you need. Whichever you choose, it is open source so customizing them is easy. You can choose a bright and breezy theme or a classical and serious one. Because themes and content are different elements of a WordPress responsive website, it’s easy to change themes and still keep your content intact along with functionality.