How Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Boxes Can Improve Your SEO

Many people may overlook the importance of Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ boxes. More than likely, you have stumbled upon these boxes when performing Google searches.

These boxes feature popular questions (also known as suggestions) that other people have searched. These boxes also include brief, direct answers that help people find desirable content quicker. Additionally, this can provide easy access to source links of the answers.

On the other hand, these boxes offer more advantage than a better search experience. These boxes can be leveraged to create more satisfying content for your target audience.

Learn how you can fuel your SEO management efforts with the insights below:

Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ is a simple, but insightful tool because it gives you the opportunity to research new keywords or phrases that might be relevant for your content. Keep in mind that these boxes usually show for broad topics that have a large amount of content.

However, this tool can help you pinpoint subsets of your broad topic, allowing you to provide a more in-depth perspective on it. In other words, you can answer questions for your target audience that your previous content barely answered or didn’t touch on at all. For example, if a target user types in “what are the best golf clubs to buy?” on Google, they may also want to know which golf brand is ranked highest, the range of prices between different sets, and what type of beginner clubs are offered (as shown in the below photo).

Another cool feature is its ability to reveal more relevant suggestions when you click on a query. Just click the gray downward-pointing arrow, and Google will quickly scan content for more interesting questions (example below). Therefore, you are not restricted to the few you see upon reaching original search results.

Furthermore, you have more opportunity to capitalize on this optimized content because the queries featured in the boxes get a lot of traffic. Drawing more people to your website can mean more customer conversions and potential revenue for your business.

Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ isn’t just great for learning more about your target audience, but it can pinpoint your competitors weaknesses. This will give you the opportunity to present a better version of the topic by filling in the gaps of information and insight.

Figure out what kinds of questions they aren’t answering clearly or at all about a relevant topic. Are the examples they use to illustrate points fitting enough for the context of the topic and audience? Are they using language that appeals to readers – is it too technical or laid back?

Also, consider how they present their content. When it comes to SEO management, it’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it, too. For example, the Google suggestions feature source links to blog posts and general reference sites (e.g. Wikipedia).

Creating unique, informative, and entertaining posts on your site is a chance to engage your target audience in a more direct way. Adding relevant links that go back to your site can enlarge your traffic beyond what blog posts can do alone.

Now you know about this unique, free tool that can optimize your content and SEO just by quickly searching Google and researching what ‘People Also Ask.’