Follow These 10 PR Rules For Success



Increase your chance of business by following these ten public relations rules:

  1. Know your audience

If you can understand who will be buying your product it will make it easier to appeal to that group.

  1. Know what the product can do for your market

Explaining to consumers what sets your product apart from others is the main goal. Give them an idea of what the product will do for them.

  1. Portray your product as different

Much like number three, standing out is a guaranteed way to get clients.

  1. Use testimonials

Writing and promoting your product in a catchy way is helpful in gaining more clients. A person isn’t going to buy from you just from reading reviews. They want to know the facts.

  1. Use the media

Identifying which type of media is going to be the most beneficial to your product is important. Ask yourself “where will the targeting audience go to find out about this product.”

  1. Make a press release

You should start off your press release with a great headline. The first 25 words need to catch the reader’s attention so take time to perfect it.

  1. Sell your release

Be confident and call the person in charge of the media. Pitch the headline and the first paragraph (or 25 words).

  1. Reach out to the client

Making it known that you are interesting in their business is important in maintaining the relationship with costumers. Asking questions and making sure they have your information is a great way to do this.

  1. Keep in contact

Similar to number 8 keeping in contact without being pushy is a great way to make sure your press release gets a second look.

  1. Use pictures

Using a photograph can really help sell your story or product. They always say “a picture is worth a thousand words.”